Joke Grobben Dolls
Limited Edition Collectible Vinyl Artist Dolls

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Welcome to the world of Dutch doll artist Joke Grobben. Joke Grobben was born in The Hague, Netherlands, where she later earned a degree in sculpture. In 1975, a client, from whom she had accepted commissions sculpting busts of children, asked Joke to create a life-like doll, and so began a successful new career as a doll artist. From the beginning, Joke’s own children have been a constant source of inspiration as are the children she meets and sketches in her travels around the world.
Joke Grobben Dolls · Collectible Vinyl Artist Dolls
Lakshmi, Fifiane, Julia, Lea, Mila, Kiki, Tamarah, Inanna, Julia, Lea, Mila, Isabelle, Kiki, Tamarah, Inanna, Marije and Poppetje, Aya, Celina and Poppetje, Eva, Stephanie, Anne Marie, Jade, Desiree, Femke, Franka, Michanou, Naomi, Sue Yin, Wilhelmijn, Sven, Mila, Lea, Fabienne, Tamarah, Kiki, Zanzi

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